Visual Podcast

Broadcast live or recorded a (Visual) podcast or radio show in one of our designated radio studios. All shows will broadcast to iPhones, Android Apps and our ISE Radio Roku and Fire TV Channels (Qualified Shows Only). Receive ad revenue to qualified shows. Shoot Live Shows in our studio (1hr Air time with live editing). Open call lines or call viewer directly for a live facetime interaction. (All viewers will see interaction) Use our green screen effect for different background displays. View realtime analytics of whos viewing you right now. Go live to your Facebook or Youtube page. Record live shows to take with you for your own social media purposes.sign up to our zoom class to get started

Live DJ Signup (Go Live At Your Gig)

Sign up to our Live DJ stations. Choose your day and time to have your mix displayed. Upload a new mix once a week.

Advance Users: Add a new feature to your profile. Anytime Live Visual Broadcasting. You will be able to go live at anytime. App members will beable to view your live right on the mobile ISE Radio app. sign up to our zoom class to get started

Special Offers

All artist can sign up to our sister company ISE Digital and upload as many songs to your Song Box as you like. Each song will be reviewed by our staff to be chosen to receive digital distribution. Upon uploading your songs to your Song Box each song will display on the ise-digital station on the ISE Radio App for one month. Songs that have 1000 likes with in that month will be chosen to be on a compilation album with free distribution with quarterly payouts . more info

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